Dear Chesky, and AHH Family

As we head into Rosh Hashana tonight, I am again overwhelmed by your tremendous kindness and giving! And, I am so thankful to Hashem for bringing me the miracle to marry off a daughter, together with the miracle that is Avigdor’s Helping Hand.

The very deep feelings of gratitude and appreciation have continued throughout the year, as I watch my couple continue to grow together and create a home of peace and happiness. And it is with full recognition that they have been blessed to have had their beginnings rooted in the true meaning of Torah giving!

Please also accept a very, very special thank you for all the extra efforts put in over Pesach – __________, you went above and beyond! And may all your future efforts be delivered with ease and success!

And, may the Zechus of being such a giving, beautiful part of bringing Simcha to my family (where we have had so much sadness before) bring you and your families many Simchot and much Nachas!!!

Healthy and Happy New Year!

________ __________ & Family

Hi Eli,

I just wanted to take this time to again thank AHH for kindly accepting my application all things considered, and providing the financial support it did. The support was extremely helpful in helping me plan my wedding, and as well increased my simcha. Words wouldn’t suffice to justify the kindness of the chesed from AHH.

In the zchus of the gemulas chassadim AHH did for me, and for the many others it does for, may HaShem bless everyone in abundance who are involved in the organization. May you all have the zchus to hasten the geula and witness the coming of Mashiach speedily in our days b’rachamim v’chesed.

A shana tova and gmar chasima tova to you and everyone at AHH!

Yesher koach,