Dear Mr Glaser,

Ah gut yohr & g’mar chasima tova to you & everyone at Avigdor’s Helping Hands. With our Chasuna & sheva brachos over, & now past Rosh Hshana I’m reflecting over & over again on all the wonderful events….All the tefillos we davened & all the brachos to which we were zoche. Ane at the top of the list is the kind & generous supposrt we received from your wonderful organization. We are so very grateful that you were able to help us. What a zchus you all have! And may it be an aliyas neshsoma for Avigdor, z”l. May you be zoche to render assistance to many others in Klal Yisrael.

Best wishes to you & all who are involved in your avodas Hakodesh for a Gmar Chasima Tova, with many simchas!

Kol Tuv,
Mrs. ________ ________ (mother of ________ ________)