I just wanted to let you know that she got the check from your organization. I wanted to thank AHH,and and all the people that make this organization happen and be able to help those in need.
Hashem should bentch you with health, wealth, happiness and lots of nachas from your family and all the extended families that you helped and will help in the future (hoping that Hashem should bentch that there should no longer be yesomim).

Dear Avigdor’s Helping Hands,

Thank you doesn’t even begin to express the deep gratitude I have for what this amazing organization has done for me. Words fail me but Avigdor’s Helping Hands has not failed to bring rays of light and hope into our hearts. The very generous assistance you have given me has truly kept me afloat and still is helping me during this time when our lives have turned upside down. Thanks to your benevolent kindness, you are helping us get back on track. We are so humbled by your overflowing of generosity and how you care so deeply for those in need.

On this auspicious day of Zos Chanukah we want to say THANK YOU in the biggest way we can. May Hashem richly bentch this organization and all the people who support it and work with it. May you all be zoche to continued health, much nachas and success in all your endeavors. May Hashem bestow the rewards double and triple and many times over on all of you who are reaching out and helping lift the spirits of the brokenhearted.

My Heartfelt Appreciation and Thankfulness,


P.S. AHH has been in my heart all this time, but I was unable to actually sit down and express my thanks until now. In addition to the terrible loss of my dear and beloved husband ob”m, I unfortunately and very sadly also lost my dear and beloved mother ob”m during this covid era. I was under pressure to clear out her apartment for the next tenant. It was emotionally and physically draining, but B’H have completed this before Chanukah. May Klal Yisroel be zoche to Besuros Tovos and the coming of Moshiach tzidkeinu Bimheira Biyameinu.

First of all I would like to take the opportunity of saying thanks to you and all the chessed volunteers at AHH,For bringing mamash a simchah and relief for a struggling oraphaned kallah and family. Hashem should repay you all 100 times more of what you give. Because it’s NOT only the money, It’s the time and RESPECT you give everyone. I have a lot to learn from your organization.

To the amazing volunteers and Board of AHH,

My name is _________ _________. I recently helped a Yasom receive much needed funds through your amazing organization. I was so humbled witnessing how selfless everyone at AHH was, and how careful everyone was to not cause extra embarrassment to what already is a very hard situation. No one asked to speak to the Chosson directly, and he was able to walk to his Chuppah with such dignity and pride.

Shortly after, I was informed that his sister was also receiving funds for her upcoming Chasunah as well. The work that AHH did has gone so far to help this unfortunate family situation, and the appreciation that I and our entire extended family feels is enormous.

A massive Tizku L’Mitzvos – the work you all put in is unbelievable. Chazak!

Hatzlacha Raba in helping so many more people.

With a lot of appreciation,

_________ _________