Dearest Reb Ezie and all of the AHH volunteers.

We are home from our son’s chasuna and what a chasuna it was! It was so beautiful and meaningful for all of us. Many tears and so much happiness! Truly a night to remember!

Our Rebbe spoke divrei Bracha at the dinner and mentioned the many qualities of the chosson’s mother z”l. We are sure she was shepping Nachas from above.

Thanks for your help in making the chasuna expenses more manageable. We are so grateful for the bekavodik and kind way you treated us and for the incredible assistance!

May HKBH bensh you all for the chesed you do for all the wonderful chassanim and kallahs who have had to deal with so much difficulties in their life.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation,


When I opened your organization’s envelope yesterday, I burst into tears.
These were tears of being overwhelmed by the beautiful chesed of seeing a Dugma Chaya of true Rachmonin Bnei Rachmonim amongst Klall yisroel.
All I can say is “Yeshaleim Hakodosh Baruch Hu Secharchem ” for easing our burden.
May Hashem give you the zchus that your next project should be …to be the “Helping Hands” in preparing the Seudas Shor Habor and Livyoson…Now Mamesh!