Dear AHH

How are you and Gut Voch! I wanted to thank you and your team again ,for assisting us with our last son’s wedding.

We are beyond grateful!!

When I get back on my feet again, I would line to provide a donation as well as share with others to contribute.

All the best and may you and your colleagues who take part in this beautiful deed be Blessed with good health, happiness and bucketfuls of only good things!!

_________ _________

To all the wonderful volunteers at Avigdor’s Helping Hand.

On behalf of my family I would like to thank you all for the kindness, sensitivity and generosity that you display on a daily basis. Whilst helping out a close family member, who unfortunately lost her father at a young age, pull together her wedding, I was told about AHH. From every phone call to every email you have been so kind, returning my calls every time, and even rushing the process for us, sending my relative the money as fast as you could. Baruch Hashem we were able to celebrate with our load lightened thanks to you.
Personally I live in Rhode Island which has a small Jewish community and we are away from the buzz of big frum community life – yet you managed to make us feel like all Yidden are connected, in the way that you helped us. You have made me and my family see that there is so much good in this world and in the frum communities, and we are eternally grateful for that.
May you continue to be able to help those who need it and may we merit the coming of Moshiach now, where all orphans will be reunited with their loved ones,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!!

Lekuvid the chusiva staff of Avigdor`s helping hands

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the help you have given to the __________ family. It has help them extremely the almunah getting ready to the wedding for her daughter gitty, with harchuvas hadas happy and pleased.

May hashem bless you all with much brucha and hatzlucha for your entire family. And may you continue to have the zechus of helping more people.

With much appreciatin

__________ __________ & family

Dear Avigdor,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the nice donation you sent to my case. Hashem should bless you all with everything you need and wish for!

At a time like this, when I tried to raise funds at the last minute before the wedding, knowing that there was zero dollars for anything; It was extremely encouraging and a major help for me and the mechitunim to know that funds are coming in.

I am not in the field of askunis, but unfortunately got involved here bh”. I was lost at the time when I promised my friend that I will help him; I had no idea and no clue how to start and where to turn. Until hashem helped me and a friend of mine who is a bit more familiar in this field told me about your organization. I never knew or imagined that an organization like this exists!

Whenever I called you or emailed you, I was always answered within a half an hour! In addition, you always made me feel like I am doing you a favor by bringing you this opportunity.
These 2 qualities make your entire organization complete! You are on a much higher level than just helping out someone. You always replied very fast and I never had to run after you! To me this was more impressive than anything else. The way you do things matters more than the mitzvah itself. That’s my humbled opinion.

Best regards and best wishes
____________ _____________


אל כבוד העוסקים בהמוסד החשוב “יד אביגדור” הי”ו.

אחדשה”ט באה”ר, באנו בזה להודות לכם בתודה לבבית, על נדבת לבכם הטוב של _________ דאללער, ששלחתם אלי להיות לי לעזר ולאחיסמך, להקל מעלי את ההוצאות החתונה. ובפרט שהעוסקים בהמוסד לקבץ הכסף עוסקים במלאכה לשם שמים בלי תשלום גמול, אשר באמת אין דבר בפי ובלשוני מלה להודות לכם על זה, אמנם פטור בלא כלום אי אפשר.

ובכן יישר כחכם וחילכם אשר באתם לעזרת יתום להשיאו אשה, זכות המצוה יעמוד לכם, שה’ הטוב הוא ישלם לכם כגמולכם הטוב, ויברך אתכם ואת ביתכם בבני חיי ומזוני רוויחא, וימלא ה’ כל משאלותיכם לטובה ברב נחת ושמחה, בבריות גופא ואריכת ימים ושנים, עדי נזכה לגאולה שלימה במהרה.

באתי על החתום היום יום כ”ב תמוז תשע”ט לפ”ק

All I can say is MI K’AMCHA YISROEL! The RBSHO has the most wonderful children!

My husband, __________ , a’h, was recently niftar. Everyone – family, friends, acquaintances – have all been so amazingly kind and caring to me and my family. A few weeks after his passing, a woman from Williamsburg, Mrs. __________, called me to inform me about Yad Avigdor. I have no idea who she is, but she took the time to give me information that I would find useful…and it was.

I called Mr. Glaser and was graciously treated and sent the necessary forms. I was treated with a GREAT amount of dignity. This new, unexpected situation had/has me frazzled and confused. But it is people’s kindness (in words and action) that keeps me going.

I received a generous check from AHH. I was just so overwhelmed. You don’t even know me and yet you are helping me out so much.

Additionally, I was not sure if i was eligible to receive these funds. Yet Mr. Glaser reassured me in such a fine manner that I could use the money…and I sure could use it!

What can I say? How can I thank you? I hear that AHH is an all volunteer organization. That you all take your precious time and devote it to helping Klal Yisroel, especially those is this matzav (no one knows what this loss is like), is just beyond– it is unbelievable.

May the RBSHO bentch you all with gezunt, nachas, and kol tuv. Many, many thanks.

Have a wonderful Shabbos.

–Mrs. __________ __________

To The Board of Avigdor’s Helping Hand:
Thank you for your understanding, consideration of my Letter of
Circumstance, and giving me a second chance to fill out the Phase 2 Application.
It really meant a lot to me to be given this opportunity given how my circumstances
have changed since my husband’s passing, approximately 3 and a half years ago.
Then, when I found out about and received your extremely generous check in the
mail, I was very touched. The amount you have allocated to me is greatly
appreciated and will be used wisely to help me provide for my children. I cannot
thank you and your organization enough for everything you have done for us.