Dear Avigdors Helping Hand
My deepest appreciation for your board and your organizations, chesed. Your process was sensitive and bekavodik. May HKBH grant zchus and Hatzlacha for all your good work and may the needs become obsolete!

Gutten shabbis and warm thanks

Dear Ahh,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in the donation for my dear daughter’s upcoming wedding next week!!

Unfortunately she lost her father when she was only 5 months old but hashem has been holding our hand throughout the journey!! He is sending us special people like you to make this day special and possible!!

When we received the check, it made us super happy knowing that there are so many people that care and willing to help!

May hashem bless each and one of you and your families with good health, happiness and prosperity. May hashem continue to shower you with much bracha and hatzlacha with everything you do!! Your donation is a tremendous help and very much appreciated!

Tizku lemitzvot!
Kol tov

We just got home from my son ________’s wedding and shabbos sheva brachos to find the check from AHH.
We appreciate the assistance!
Be well
________ ________