I wasn’t sure who to send The thank you to. Once again Avigdor’s helping hand has given us a generous gift this time to help us for Pesach. Your gift was timely and meaningful as the first yahrtzeit for my husband was this past Shabbos. I wish everyone only nachas and simchas, a good Yom Tov and may we see mashiach very soon.
Thank You
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Lchvod Avigdor’s Helping Hand ,

Words cannot possibly describe the great feeling of hakoras hatov to each of you . Since my husband’s Petira you have been there in such a generous , caring and dignified way . Aside from the incredible financial help, the knowledge that such a wonderful group of people care and are standing beside us helping us to uphold our families.

This Pesach as we prepare , your very generous check is impacting our Menuchas hanefesh and Simchas Yom Tov in such a significant way .

May HKBH repay your abundantly .
May we be zoche to the geulah sheleimah this Chodesh Nissan .
Chag Kasher Vesameach


Hi Eli,

How ru & family? I hope all is well.

Eli, Once more I am reaching out to AHH, to express my most deepest gratitude for all your help.

Because of your wonderful organization, I was able to purchase everything that I needed to make a balbatesha sedar for myself, & my whole family. Plus have enough money to pay for food for the entire yom tov.

I thank u, with all of my heart, & the people at AHH, that participated in allowing me to be able to continue to provide a Yom tov , that will lift my angel of a husband’s spirits. & make him so very proud of his wife, & the entire family.

May Hashem bless all of u with long life. Happiness, Parnassa, nachas. & the strength to continue making these Mitzvot.

Beserot Tovot.

With this , I will close by Wishing you & your entire AHH family, Chag Sameach ve Kasher.

Beserot tovot.

Warmest regards,


To Avigdor’s Helping Hands,
Thank you so much for your generous help. We have with Hashem’s help many family members coming for Pesach so this will come in handy.
Thank you again.