August 23,2020 B’H
Dear Avigdor’s Helping Hand,
It has been 6 years since my husband’s Petira and before I even start, I must apologize for not have sent you the Hakoros Hatov letter that you so surely deserved…….For some reason, I never got to send it so Please forgive me…….
There are NO words to express my Hakoros Hatov for the wonderful and miraculous way that you were there for me and my kids, 6 years ago…….I was in a complete fog, numb, frozen and did not feel anything except pain, shock, sadness……Not knowing what the next minute was going to be.
How was I going to manage on my own and bring up and support my kinderlach……. I walked around in a daze for days, weeks and months, Not knowing how I would survive this tragedy that was given to my kids and I……… And then as if out of nowhere, there came a very generous check, and then another and then another and only then did I truly feel that The Eibishter was holding my hand by sending me this incredible, beyond unbelievable organization, Avigdor’s Helping hand, with such warmth just to help me survive……….I felt I was NOT alone anymore! Only then, did I pick my head up high and decided that the Eibishter does not give someone what they cannot handle, without a helping hand and I knew at that moment, THANKS to this amazing organization, that I was going to survive and B’H, 6 years later I am, making a chassunah for my son in 2 weeks, Bez’h right after my husbands A’H’s 6th Yartzeit.
Once again, a phone call came from this beyond incredible organization, and volunteered with their warmth and loving way, to assist me towards my son’s chassunah. There are No words that can express the Hakoros Hatov I feel in my heart, but all I can say is “THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART”!!!!!!
Just a few days ago, I told The Eibishter that He needs glasses to see the good I try to do for elderly Almono’s that I take care of and begged from Him, that in that Zechus, to please send me some help to be able to give my son what he needs and be able to pay my share of the cost of the wedding and again……. Out of nowhere, I was contacted by your organization with a Tzaddik on the other side of the phone, telling me not to worry and he will do anything in his power to help me once again!!!!!
Its special people like YOU, that will help bring MOSHIACH NOW!!!!!!

Dearest Avigdor’s Helping Hand,

Here I am once again sitting in front of my computer with tears flowing down my face……….But this time, I am writing you this Hakoros Hatov letter, right after you have shown me real true Chessed!!!!! (And you do NOT have to wait 6 years…..)

If you can see and feel what is going on in my heart and mind right now, you would be able to see very clearly how you all have touched me in ways that ONLY The Eibishter could have orchestrated the Kindness and warmth so that I should walk to my son’s Chassunah without a worry in my heart but truly & ONLY, with Hakoros Hatov to the one & only, Hakodosh Boruch Hu who send me these AMAZING, INCREDIBLE ANGELS, , with such warmth and kindness, as if I was truly part of your very own family!!!
So……..THANK YOU, are 2 very small words, just to express what I truly feel!!!!!!

May The Eibishter Bentch each one of you with ALL The Brochos from aleph thru Tav that you so surely deserve!!!!!

Have an easy fast and may we be reunited with MOSHIACH NOW!!!!!!!

Gitt Vuch! I received your generous assistance, thank you so much! I greatly appreciate your kindness. You are truly easing my burden of the wedding expenses! Words cannot express my gratitude for your kindness and generosity.

May Hashem Bentch you with continuous Brachos, Hatzlacha, Gezunt, Parnasa, Nachas, S’yata D’shmaya, Simchas gezunterhiet Ad Meah V’esrim Shana! You should be blessed with a כתיבה החתימה טובה! A year with lots of Health and Happiness!

With Sincere appreciation,