To Shlomy and all the volunteers of Avigdor’s helping hand,
Dear all, there are no words to describe the Menuchas Ha Nefesh you gave me and ____________ ____________ when we first found out we can be possible candidates for your amazing Tzidaka organization. Just the thought of your outside help with no strings attached and pure sincerity started to relieve our worries. ____________ was so eager to fill out the forms and hear your response. She lost her mother suddenly 2 years ago this past week was her second yortzit, Her mother was a very special lady, she was an artist who painted embroidered and drew hand made challah covers and Chuppah covers of the most stunning Judaic themes. She would make them to give them away or to raise money for Tzidaka. Kids of all ages would gather at the ____________ house on a typical Shabbos afternoon and be greeted by ____________ ____________ personally. She made every child who walked though her door feel welcome and want to come back week after week !!! While having the utmost respect for children and adults alike she raised the level of the children‘s respect for their parents. She did this through her love for beautiful things around her taking an interest and appreciating each individual, young or old. When ____________ started something, she finished it with an artistic mind set. She always finished what she started! She was a woman of her word! She was a spiritual person who had a strong connection to Torah and Mitzvos. She encouraged her husband to go out to learn Torah. She wanted her oldest son to go to israel and learn after Yeshiva High school as well as her daughter ____________. She was very close to all her children. Three boys and one daughter ____________. All in all ____________ and I thank you, all of you, with all our hearts, for your funds, all the time effort, and Chesed you did for her and me! I felt the weight lift off of ____________ and the relief in her voice when she heard the news that she got your ok! And the check was coming in the mail.
Tzku Le Mitvos !! May Hashem watch over you and your families and may all the Chesed and Mitzvos bring Mashiach and an end to this long Gulus. Be well, Hatzlach, good health and Simcha in all that you do ! thank you again, so so much!



אל כבוד המוסד החשוב “יד אביגדור” הי”ו.

קבלתי את נדבת לבבכם הטשע”ק של חמשת אלפים דאללער, אשר בא לעזרת הכנסת כלה יתומה, זכות המצוה יעמוד לכם שתברכו בבני חיי ומזוני רוויחי, בבריות גופא, ואריכת ימים ושנים, ונזכה כלנו יחד במהרה לאורו של משיח, אמן.

יום כ”ה מנחם אב תשע”ט לפ”ק