Dear Rabbi Glaser

It is now three weeks after the wedding of our daughter, ________. ________ was a toddler when her mother passed away close to twenty years ago. My husband, ________’s father, found himself helpless and lost with 6 children under the age of 15 without a mother to care and be there for them. Shortly after that it was me who took on this responsibility.

I remember that first year when I came into my children’s lives. Five year old Sara ________ woke up with night terrors night after night. Nothing in the world would calm her until she finally fell back to sleep. I will never forget the picture of ________, just Bas Mitzvah age, coming home from the cemetery on her mother’s first yahrzeit, stretched out on the pink carpet, face down, crying and crying out loud. All we could do was cry along and ask Hashem that she should get to see the brighter colors of life too. Boruch Hashem, as time went on things got better. Even ________ and ________, 14 year old (gifted and “strong”) twins, started to adjust to the new reality of life.

And then started the normal life struggles. Money. My husband a simple but goodhearted melamed
had a very difficult time to make ends meet. Boruch Hashem we were blessed with a new baby and our family in the midst of blending itself was growing fast bringing simcha after simcha. By the time ________, our oldest son (a year after Bar Mitzvah when his mom was nifter) was engaged, we already had 3 little babies. And although it glued our family in a stunning way, financially it was difficult.

And ________ got married. We did not manage financially, but at least it was somewhat bearable. But when ________, our next daughter, got married two years later, our family was in financial distress. My husband after a full day of working- teaching in two schools- would come home, and unlike our home situation before, when his mind was cleared and recharged so he can be there for his wife and children, his mind was preoccupied with finding money for his oldest daughter’s wedding.

Again we davened to Hashem, and our prayers were answered through a Mrs. ________, ________’s principal. Having a number of girls in her school over the years, I formed a nice relationship with her. At one encounter she noticed I was not myself and got me to share with her a little about our current circumstances. She was very quick to act, got her husband a tzaddik involved and before long we got a beautiful sum of ________ from the Avigdor fund.

Wow! did that mean to us the world. That was exactly what we needed to stay out of debts. A year
later ________’s twin, ________ got married and the same messenger from Hashem by the name of Avigdor came to our rescue again.

And we can attest to it that for all of our six orphaned children this money is what kept our family going.

People at Avigdor fund, I want you to know that you made a huge impact in the life of a Yiddisha family and I’m sure on many, many more!!!

May Hashem repay you kefel kflayim for what you are doing. May you all see nachas from your families, with health and happiness and whatever else you wish!

Thank you
Family ________