To the most remarkable and esteemed committee of AHH:

Although I am not a writer by any means, after experiencing first-hand the extraordinary kindness of the AHH committee I felt compelled to try to convey some of my admiration and appreciation.
Just a few short months ago I had no knowledge of AHH’s activities at all. Unfortunately seven months ago that changed pretty quickly when an uncle of mine fell victim to the corona virus. He contracted the virus less than two weeks to Pesach. Sadly he succumbed the first day of Chol Hamoed leaving behind an inconsolable wife who was entirely overwhelmed with her responsibility of caring for a family of twelve children, six of which are still at home. After hearing about AHH I have to admit that it was with a large dose of skepticism that I picked up the phone to request of their assistance. However, astonishingly that skepticism quickly changed to amazement when instead of being treated like someone who was asking for assistance I was thanked over and over again for calling AHH as if I was the one doing AHH the greatest favor! I was left totally dumfounded by the phone call I got literally a few hours before the second days of Yom Tov(!!) that a check has been sent out. The check that the family received while still sitting shiva was a ray of hope to their feelings of helplessness that they were becoming completely engulfed by. In addition to the monetary assistance it was a big nechama for the whole family seeing that there are those who care enough to be busy even on Yom Tov trying to help out to the best of their capabilities.
It is very unfortunate that I am able to attest that this incredible kindness and generosity that was done to my aunt and her family was not just a one-time occurrence. It was not even six months later that another uncle of mine, a brother in law to the above-mentioned niftar, also tested positive to the dreadful virus and he too succumbed to it a bare two weeks later devastating his family with his untimely passing. He left behind a wife who was still reeling from the loss of her oldest brother, a mother of a large family with two children still at home. Once again I was flabbergasted when I was almost convinced that I was doing AHH a big favor by requesting their assistance for a second time in six months. Once again their mind blowing consideration shone forth when my aunt received a check in the mail a few days later, giving her a bit of reprieve while figuring out how to support herself and her family for the unforeseeable future without any savings in her bank accounts.
Your selfless kindness and generosity done in the most considerate way is truly astounding and unparalleled. May all of you be zoche to continue your avodas hakodesh for happier matters ad meiah viesrim shana in the best of health.