Hi, it’s __________ __________. I just wanted to thank AHH for your assistance with the upcoming __________ wedding. We put together some $ to help with the ufruf/sheva brachos and whatever extra $ will be used towards the wedding.

AHH truly helped the chosson/family with the necessary funds for their simcha. Keep doing great work! Tizku lmitzvos

Dear members of the AHH team,

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your assistance. It was difficult for me to make a call to you, as it reminded me that my husband is no longer with us to share in this special occasion.

Your staff was so kind & compassionate. They listened with an open ear offering reassurances all the way.

When my application was approved, they notified me right away so I would feel relieved & calm.

I was made to feel important during the entire process, not at all like a Chessed case. It makes a HUGE difference.

Hashem should shower you with continued Bracha, Hatzlacha, and Nachas.

Mrs. ________________

We would like to extend our heartful and sincere appreciation for expediting the check for our niece ________ ________. ________ has been overjoyed to be able to begin with her shopping and preparations. Hashem should help you should always be on the giving end to continue to bring true happiness for this great cause. With much gratification and a Freilchen Chanukah.
________ ________ ________