Dear AHH Committee

Thank you so much for all the chesed you do for the Jewish community and all in need. I am so very thankful that there are people and organizations such as yourself that bring some relief and comfort to those who are in financial distress and mourning the loss of their father/husband and pretty much sole provider for the family. I pray to HaShem that he continues to bless you and your organization with much bracha so that you can continue to help everyone in need. I am so inspired by your generosity and your willingness to help my sister in this terrible time. I am very speechless. Thank you again.Once again, thank you!!


Hello tzadikim of the AHH tzedakah

Sorry for my English my first language is Yiddish.

Im usually calm, calculate and barley show any emotions, but when I hung up the phone with you I teared up.

I never met you before, I spoke to you for the first time.
First of all, never before I saw such a pure organization with so much ambition to help the אלמנות ויתומים. And especially you told me that you have no overhead. Amazing!!

You made sure to send a check a minute before yum tov, in middle of the shivah. it showed the Almuna that people have her in their minds, people she doesn’t even know! It gave her so much chizuk. She has so much on her plate now. She is alone with 7 kids. Lots on her plate, shidichim is needed for 2.

Her husband was wheeled away From the doctors office with covid19 into the hospital with no one at his bedside until the chevrah kadisha took him out ר”ל.

The ________ family are אנשים מכובדים and turned into a רחמנות overnight.
________ ________ was a smart and nice person, he helped people all the time in all situations. He had a שכל הישר and people trusted him for all types of advice.

The almuna is a Ishes chayil never was involved in any of the financials, she told me today she doesn’t even know what his salery was. She just started to take out the mail from the mail box for the first time in years. When her husband was in the hospital she couldn’t take the mail because the mailbox key was with him…

We found out after her husband past that he was struggling financially and bills ware piled up. I know of at least 3 people who walked over to his coffin and forgave the debt that he owed them.

I was concerned how even to explain to her that she will need to agree with her situation and to accept donations, I told her that’s not her fault but her duty to do what’s best for her kids, and BH she understood.

Im in lost of words what to say about your group of 35 people. The only thing I can say is how the רמח”ל in דרך השם explains the big old question, and that is; why are we here? He explains that the more a person dose good, the person become more similar to his creator So to speak, “godlike”. And your team of 35 people are “godlike” creatures! I think that says it all.

She got the 2nd check and she is so greatfull. I spoke to her for a couple minutes I offered her to take the application from and call you to figure everything out.
Give me a day and I’ll call you with application in my hand.

I am including a picture of ________ ________ sitting at a סיום מסכת that he was heavily involved in.

השי”ת ירחם עלינו ועל כל עמו בית ישראל והסר מעלינו כל נגע מחלה וישלח עליכם ברכה על ראשיכם, ברכה והצלחה בכל מעשה ידיכם, הרחבת הדעת ושמחת החיים, ונזכה לגאולה שלימה במהרה בימינו אמן.

הכותב וחותם
________ ________
קרית יואל יע”א

I would like to thank all the people that work so hard at Avigdor’s Helping Hand. As soon as my husband ______________________ was niftar, I was told of the organization, and soon after I received a check. At these hard times, you all must be so overwhelmed with requests,and to get a response so soon was really greatly appreciated.

Thank you again
______________ and family