Dear Avigdors Helping Hand 

It was very painful for me personally, when my good friend passed away. I, of course, can’t imagine what it was like for her immediate family, specifically her only daughter. The orhan’s upcoming wedding, which was supposed to be an entirely joyous occasion, had been transformed into a bittersweet moment for the Kallah, when her mother died three weeks before the wedding. During the course of my shivah call, I inquired about the upcoming wedding, the one in which my deceased friends’ daughter would have to walk down the Chuppah without her mother. If that wasn’t hard enough, I learnt that the Kallah did not have the means to pay for her wedding expenses. As if she did not have enough on her mind. I of course wanted to help her. And this is how Avigdors Helping Hand came into the picture. When I remembered that there was an organization dedicated to helping this sort of person, an orphan getting married, I was part relieved and part elated. Baruch Hashem, this amazing organization was able to step in and render assistance in such an important case. The girl, and her father, and the entire family, were amazed by the the tremendous kindness that you displayed. The support from this organization, that I witnessed with this girl, and with others, is a truly significant Chesed. In the merit of you stretching out your hands to help out others, may Hashem stretch out his hand to all the volunteers in the organization, and may he shower you with Bracha and Hatzlacha.



Dear Avigdor’s Helping Hand,

Now that things have calmed down since the wedding, Purim and Pesach, I am belatedly but gratefully sitting down to write to you to express my appreciation for your help in making my daughter’s wedding.

This was the 4th wedding I made since my husband was niftar just 6 years ago, and having just moved across the country to be near my other children, my finances were causing a great deal of stress. The chosson’s family had recently suffered their own huge financial setback, and were unable to bear a larger portion of the costs.

The help you gave us was delivered in a way that was both generous and b’kovodik, and enabled us to make a beautiful and appropriate affair. While we were able to avail ourselves of programs that provided household items and clothing vouchers for the kallah, your organization provided the wherewithal to pay towards the wedding itself, which was the biggest and most daunting aspect of the simcha. We cannot possibly find the words to express our gratitude for the work you do in making our simchas possible as well as pleasurable.

All the best,