Last night I walked Dina* down the aisle towards her new beginning
If only it could have been her mother…but sadly she is emotionally unwell,
If only it could have been her father A”H; but he nebach passed away when Dina was merely 6 years old.

But you see I wasn’t alone when I lead her arm 7x around her dear Chosson,
It was YOU, the members of Avigdor’s Helping hand, who symbolically held her other arm
and helped her walk into her chuppa with a clearer mind and relieved spirit.

It is precisely you, the volunteers at every level of the organization, whether administrative, fundraising, or executive management who make orphans, like Dina, feel not alone, feel that they matter to people out there!

You see, at the age of 32, Dina felt her prayers were finally answered. Unfortunately, she was no stranger to challenges and trials and was searching for a husband all the while financially grappling to support herself.
When Dina got engaged, I pondered how we were going to make her wedding happen. And that is how organizations like AHH stepped in!

Throughout my whole experience being in contact with AHH, I truly felt the inner passion of the organization to assist these orphans in need.
During the application process, Dina wasn’t treated like a number on a roster, another applicant with trailing paperwork.
No, there was genuine care and concern! and when I shared Dina’s story with the members of this organization, I received genuine empathy and care instead of ambivalence and indifference (due to the magnitude of applicants)
Even as I got caught up in assisting Dina with her wedding preps and got delayed in following up, it was AHH who reached out to me to follow up and inquire as to the status of the application.
You see, it mattered to the people of this organization that these particular chossonim and kallahs don’t wait anxiously at home for the assistance; That it arrive in timely manner so that they embark on their new journey with menuchas hanefesh!

They say it takes a village to raise a child….and I believe sometimes to marry one too.
For Dina, that village wasn’t the place she grew up in, nor where she attended school…Hashgacha had her move her around over the years to the point where it wasn’t clear who would step up and help; who would assume responsibility?! And when AHH proudly shared that they assist orphans in every city and location…well I say you, the members of AHH, deserve the title of the Village! For all the selfless giving of your time and efforts on behalf orphans like Dina and others like her.

May Hashem bentch you all with continued mazel, bracha, hatzlacha, health and parnassa and may you all ALWAYS be in the position to be the GIVERS and not the recipients.

Tizku Lemitvos!

With deep gratitude,
close friend of your Kallah

*name changed for Privacy

This is my 6th wedding,b”h & you helped me each time. I could not have done it without your help. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your generosity. I cannot adequately express my hakoras hatov for the assistance you have provided in making my daughter’s Chasuna. I’m sure you are aware that navigating life alone as an almona can be extremely stressful but when it is also combined with financial stress it can be too much to bear at times. Your support has allowed both my daughter and I the ability to be able to relax and enjoy the Simcha. May you and your family always be blessed with the ability to relieve the stress of others. And may Klal Yisroel continue to share Simchas.

K’siva vChasima Tova,