Dear R’ Eli,
As I’m on the plane, heading to my step-daughter __________’s chasuna, I’m reflecting back a few months ago to my son __________’s June 20th wedding. B”H he married a wonderful girl from Monsey. We were all very excited when he got engaged, but I felt the heavy burden of paying for all the chasuna expenses.

I wanted my son Mordechai to feel the same simcha that every regular chosson feels. I didn’t want him to feel the financial pressures involved with making a chasuna with a limited budget.

B”H AHH responded in an extremely generous way and I was able to walk Mordechai down to the chupa with a heart full of joy.

Of course all the children felt their mother was missing from the wedding, but at least they were all able to fly in and be together.

I’m deeply appreciative to all the volunteer members of AHH for their sincere concern and dedicated efforts on behalf of yesomim.

This Rosh Hashana Hashem should inscribe your family and all of the families in the Sefer hachaim, with gezunt and nachas in the zechus of taking care of Hashem’s children.

Ksiva vchasima tova my friend!

This year has been a roller coaster ride, one which at times I wanted desperately to get off, but needed to see it through despite my own wishes. We lost my wonderful father this year. My father did so much for our mother, and for all of us, he was truly our glue.

While my father had been sick for a few months before he died, he was doing much better, and his death was unexpected. My parents were living paycheck to paycheck before the loss of our father, but, losing the income put my mother into a downward spiral.

During shiva we were handed an application by a friend, and while I thought about using it, it wasn’t until my aunt and uncle pushed me that I was able to see my mother truly needed the help.

I sent in the application, and I was worried about how I would feel about the process. I had nothing to fear. The treatment I got was so full of kavod. It made me feel like I was doing them a favor by accepting. And the help went so far.

Baruch hashem, we also made smachot this year, my oldest brother became a chatan, and in my excitement, I also worried how we’d pay for it all. And again help was just a phone call away.

My family was able to pay off debts, make a wedding, and give my brother the right start to his marriage, and all of it was thanks to Avigdor’s Helping Hand.

This year you have helped many families like mine, move from the greatest despair to great joy. Umeafela leorah, from darkness to light. You lightened the burden of so many. You treated people who were very vulnerable, with kindness, and compassion, you made them feel like a mentch. You did chesed bkavod.

In the upcoming year I wish for you all much success, may you be blessed with chayim aruchim, good health. May you continue to be able to help klall yisrael the way that you do. May the zechus of the work you do protect you and your families, and may you be zocheh to many brachot, and yeshuot this year. May hashem answer your teffilot, and may the zechut of your good work bring moshiach closer.

Wishing you all a chativa v chatima tovah and a git gebenched yur, and as my husband and children have taught me to say, tizku lshanim rabot, ne’emot v’tovot .

With gratitude, and well wishes,
___________ ___________