To All the Chosheva Volunteers of Avigdor’s Helping Hand,

I would like to take a moment to commend ALL OF YOU CHOSHEVA VOLUNTEERS OF AVIGDOR’S HELPING HAND for taking your precious time in raising funds for this most Important Tzedaka Organization, for taking your precious time in screening all the applications which in this past year must have been Overwhelming, for taking your precious time from your family & work/business to do everything to help these Almanos & Yesomim in the most nicest and gentle way possible.

I became aware of your Organization this past May 2020 when I was trying to help a good friend and neighbor whom I know for the past 35 years. She lost her Husband and Mother now during Covid 19 and had at the time 3 unmarried Yesomim of which you helped most generously marry off one during Covid. Her husband was sick for the last 15 years and was unable to work during that time, and was constantly going to Dr. appointments and doing therapy. You were very understanding and nice in letting me be her front, so that she did not have to deal with all the details which was very overwhelming and embarrassing to her. You did this Mitzvah in the most nicest and bechovidike manner, expediting the payments not only for the wedding, but also for her living expenses.

I would like to thank you all and appreciate all that was done, but of course that is not enough! Hashem should repay All of You in whichever way you need.

With Admiration,

Dear Staff of Avigdors Helping hand

I would like to express my Hakaros Hatov feelings for your help 2 yrs ago with my daughters wedding ,
My daughter was orphaned when she was 12 yrs old after many suffering,
you can imagine she need much emotional help that cost a fortune plus reg wedding expenses especially in these circumstances you need to give even more than by a regular girl wedding. so your help meant very much to us
May the father of the yesomim help you in the zechus of helping Yesomim you should all have nachas of your kids know only of happy days

To all those involved with AHH,
I want to take this opportunity and thank you for your tremendous help. It has taken off a big load from my shoulders, and has allowed me to feel comforted and happy to be able to cover my daughters wedding expenses in a beautiful and private way. Hashem should bless each and everyone one of you along with your families, with an abundance of joy, health, Hatzlacha, menuchat hanefesh and yeshuous. May you always continue to be able to give wholeheartedly. I will forever have a tremendous הכרת הטוב towards all those involved in making Avigdors Helping Hand what it has become today.
Thank you so much!!!!

Hi AHH team;

With much gratitude and appreciation I would like to thank all of you that worked tiressly for my brother.
It helped him tremendously and made a huge difference. He was able to be so much more calm in the strenuous days before marrying off 2 children.
Giving such a huge sum twice was showing the beauty of all of you.

May Hashem grant you good health and nachas, you should be able to continue doing this holy work!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

To The Board of Avigdor’s Helping Hand,
Thank you so very much for the generous gift that you gave for the wedding of my son ________. ________ was only one and a half when his father was stricken with a brain tumor. He had just turned two when his father died. I was fortunate to marry his mother when ________ was four. He was a great kid and he has become quite a Talmud Chacham. His Kallah is a wonderful girl and we are thrilled. You also assisted us in June of 2019 when ________’s sister, ________ got married. You graciousness is very much appreciated. Your organization has helped so many in need and you should continue to enjoy Nachas in all the Chesed that you do. Hashem should bless everyone involved in Avigdor’s Helping Hand with health and much happiness.
________ ________