Dear Eli,
I hope all is well. Please allow me the opportunity to thank you and Avigdors Helping Hand on behalf of my cousin ________________. As you know ________________ is our cousin who arrived alone in the United States from Poland just a few short years ago and he has made tremendous strides in Yiddishkeit and his of own Avodas Hashem.He is also an Orphan in the true sense of the word as there was never a father in his life and his mother recently passed away.His story is quite fascinating and in every step we have seen the Yad Hashem. As you know he has recently become engaged to a wonderful girl and a wonderful family. The generosity and compassion Of Avigdors helping hand will now allow him to go to the Chuppah with a sense of dignity and pride.
I must say that dealing with you and your volunteer staff including Dovie Elias,Shmuel Gunsberg has been a pleasure.The organization has shown a true sense of compassion,urgency,efficiency and true Chesed that I am sure is having an everlasting Zechus and effect on the Neshama of Avigdor Ztzal.
May Hashem continue to bless you ,for the wonderful work that you and Avigdor’s Helping Hand do on behalf of Klal Yisroel.
Best regards,

Dear Volunteers of AHH,

If my heart had a voice it would do much greater justice to this thank you note than my mind can. I am so completely overcome with emotion and gratitude to Avigdor’s Helping Hand for what you all have done for our dear family friend.

The heartbreak of watching our friend slowly slip away from this world was paralleled only by the pain of watching his family struggling to cope following his passing. Baruch Hashem the curtains of despair parted, as one of the children became a choson. But after the initial joy came the realization that without a breadwinner in the family, making a chasuna was going to be an uphill climb financially. Although some money was raised it was not nearly enough to cover all of the expenses of even the most modest of weddings.

Here is what your generous donation means. For the Choson, that he doesn’t have to deplete his family’s meager funds in order to buy a mentchliche suit and shirt for his chasuna. For his convalescing mother, that she doesn’t have to stress about the finances when she is already so physically weak with her own health issues. For the family friends who are helping to raise money for the last two years, it made a huge dent in the chasuna budget deficit. For the entire family it provided a dignified way to walk into their simcha with smiles on their faces and heads held high, knowing they did not have to hold out their hands for donations.

Special thanks to Ezzy Bryks for his kindness and sensitivity in dealing with this situation.

May you all be zoche to share many simchos, with the ultimate simcha of the coming of Moshiach!

With great appreciation,