To the wonderful volunteers Hakidoishim of Avigdor’s Helping Hand,

I’m beyond touched and honored to have had the Zechus to be assisted by such a special group of people. The amount of Menuchas Hanefesh that your assistance provided me was invaluable for enhancing my Simcha and will always be treasured. Your respectful discrete application process and review were very appreciated by myself and my family. The embarrassment of discussing financial hardship with others can be very painful and due to your diligence and consideration we were Baruch Hashem spared such. You are true role models of Chessed and devotion to others for myself and my future Bayis!

It is my most sincere hope and Bracha that every one of the special Chevra involved in this holy enterprise experience and unbelievable life of hatzlacha and Simcha. We should only have the opportunity to share Simchas and derive Nachas from accomplishments like this special organization.

Thank you from all my heart!