Dear honorable donors of Avigors Helping Hand
There’s so much schar & pros,
Hashem promised to those,
Who reach out to Yesomim woes.
Ashraichu, you were the one Hashem chose,
To be the recipient of all brochos that surely overflows.
___________ ____________

To the beloved org. YAD AVIGDOR
we want to thank you for your great contribution towards our chasuna of HAYOSEM _________.
it was delivered so respectful and was a great help. your generosity enhanced truly our simcha.
may hashem help you and all askonim involved should always remain on the giving end and merit all the broches to all givaldiga askonim from the AVI HAYSOMIM

Amazing. I’m like crying!! I have no words for AHH generosity: U all are sooooo special. May hashem bless u with all good!!

Motzei Shabbos 2-27-21

Dear AHH,

I have received your generous check in today’s mail.
On behalf of the Chassan & Kallah, and their families, we are ever so filled with
hakaras hatov to the Ribone Hashalom and to your organization for this

Special mention of thanks to Reb Shmuel Gunsburg, who worked tirelessly on
our behalf.

Many many thanks to all.

Mazal tov, Simchas, good health and nachas to Gans Klal Yisroel !!

I am humbly yours,

___________ _____________

Baltimore, Maryland


We will ALL be mispallel for ___________ ___________ bas ___________ ___________
and ___________ bas ___________ ___________ , for a complete Refuah, b’soch
sha’ar cholei b’Yisroel.

To one of the most special organization and its helpers that I have had the zechus to get to know.
I am touched beyond words by AHH generosity. Nothing takes one moment to accomplish and the time and work that goes into helping people that u don’t know is tremendous. AHH has touched almonos and yesomim at a time when you were needed the most and had no one else to turn to. Paying their mortgages and being able to provide food for their families plus helping out with weddings has no words. May Hashem repay AHH and it’s staff with everyone being healthy happy and much nachas from their families. May Avigdors Neshoma have an Aliya. Again ty ty ty