Dear AHH,

Thank you so much for the $________ grant we received from your organization towards my sisters wedding (________ ________). This substantial amount of funds is extremely helpful and relieves tremendous stress, pressure and and anxiety for the wedding planning which is almost entirely on my shoulders, as the Kallah’s older brother. The expenses are overwhelming even though we of course are trying to minimize them as much as possible without embarrassing either side. The application and review process by AHH was done in a completely confidential manner which was also greatly appreciated. I am blown away by the chessed and devotion the organization has to help children who have lost a parent and I can tell you first hand the help is certainly needed on so many levels. Your organization and everyone involved in it are truly inspiring and you should be zoche to continue to help klal yisrael for many years to come.

Thank you again and tizku l’mitzvos,

________ ________