To the unbelievable organisation Yad Avigdor/Avigdors Helping Hand!

Unfortunately, I lost my father 7 years ago due to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Ever since his passing our family has been in a very difficult financial state.

Bh, my younger brother got engaged to a wonderful kallah. The engagement was an exciting and happy experience. However, the simcha was not complete as I knew what lay ahead of us, a whole lot of expenses.

I spoke to many people and felt completely lost as I had nowhere to turn. This is until a friend of mine recommended me to approach your wonderful organisation YAD AVIGDOR!

From the initial phone call until receiving the extremely generous donation I was dealt with the utmost care and respect.

Yad Avigdor, you literally saved the day. Bh my brother got married without any worries, you helped us go to the simcha B’simcha!

May the father of the yesomim repay you for all your wonderful chesed you have done and continue to do with klal yisroel with nachas, gezunt, parnosoh and Simcha!

With a grateful heart,

_________ _________