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Letters of Appreciation – Shevat 5774

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Dear Avigdors Helping Hand:

You and all your volunteers should have the zechya to continue being mechya all these tzibruchene people of klal yisroel and you should be gebencht with kol tiv vetov!!

B_____ ________

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Letters of Appreciation – Teves 5774

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Dear Rabbi Glaser and all wonderful chochuva volunteers at Avigdors Helping Hand:

I got a beautiful tray of donuts on Chanukah!! These donuts belonged to you but my family and I were the ones to enjoy it. So I owe you a thanks!!

Not long ago I worked with your heilige organization to get an application approved for my dear aunt who lost her husband suddenly. He did have a heart condition but lived with it for many years and we were hoping will live many more years but all that suddenly ended one night when he said he is not feeling too good and by the time hatzolah arrived it was too late. The devastation, pain and sadness you know too well. The despair, worries and sorrow you know even better. The tears, the loneliness and suffering can never be explained in words.

Then there is this “Ohr”, this light, this sudden ray of hope that breaks through all walls, wipes away so many tears and just shines with a never ending shine. From the moment that “Ohr” shines into the home of a family, everything takes on a new appearance. The darkness can never return because there is this “ohr”, this lechtigkeit.

This “Ohr” is none other than YOU, your heilige organization who comes through the door at a time when all seems hopeless. I have seen it now for the second time how profound the effects of your support are. My aunt came over one night, tears were pouring down her face. All she needed was a pair of shoes but the feeling of not knowing where in the world she will find the $100 dollars to buy them she had no clue. “How much more can I ask from my children, she asked me”? I call them to help me with groceries, butcher and important stuff, I cannot tell them that I need shoes.

Then there was this “ohr”!!! How can I ever put it in words, the joy I heard over the phone when my aunt called me that the mail arrived and there was this envelope from Avigdors Helping Hand?! She was speechless, she had no words but her smile and tears of joy were tangible. Phase I and Phase II came at the perfect moment. Money comes and money goes but the effect of it can last a lifetime. The chizuk and push it gave my aunt is so much more than that and it is ALL YOUR ZCHUS!!!!!

Boruch Hashem the results are remarkable. My aunt is continuing her intensive therapy to regain full use of her arm which was affected by her stroke and soon she will get her job back which will give her the financial security to be able to maintain the normalcy of her home.

My aunt sent me the donuts and we definitely enjoyed them but these donuts belong to you. I was only the shliach to assist her with the application but it was YOU, and all of YOU, choshuva volunteers, who give it your ultimate best, your “genuine” interest in the matzav of these less fortunate, your time and care, your devotion and AHAVAS YISROEL who make this all happen.

Hashem should bentch you with every bracha from the torah, you should be spared every tzar, you should never know the feeling of not having the means to buy a simple pair of shoes!!!!

Thank you is a simple term but the depth and meaning of it is profound!!
Kol hakavod!!!

B__________ ________

R’ Eli,
I received your very generous check last week.
All I can say is that it has made a huge difference at this time of adjusting to life without a mother.
The ability to pay all my bills, cleaning help, babysitting, and buy the kids their winter clothing etc…..
has removed the stress from our home and allowed for happiness to fill the house.
May Hashem send you and the entire AHH team ,bracha v’hatzlacha in all you do.
Y_______ __________

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Letters of Appreciation – Kislev 5774

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Dear AHH,

Harbe Shluchim Lamokom,

Thank you for being an extension of the Ribono Shel Olam’s Hand,

Helping us to help our ______ in establishing her bayis ne’eman.

May you be matzliach in your avodas Hakodesh,

May the Avi Hayesomim repay your chasodim with nachas, brochos, gesunt, and hatzlocho,

May it be a tremendous zchus for the heilige neshama of Avigdor z”l,

And May we be zoche to Mashiach Tzidkeinu, with yesomim no more.

With Hakoras Hatoiv,

The E__________

Dear Avigdor’s Helping Hands committee,
My kallah and I would like to thank you so much for making our wedding possible. My Mom keeps telling us her dignified you all make her feel. Thank you for that. She is some special Mom. As you know my Dad passed away suddenly two years ago. Left us with major financial burdens. May we be able to continue to share in many more smachot together in the future.
Have a Happy Chanukah,
________ & ________ ______________

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In the News: Hamodia – 9/11/13

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In the News: Five Towns Jewish Times – August, 30 2013

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5TJT 083013–

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