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Letters of Appreciation – Tishrei 5775

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L’Kovod Anshei Chesed of Avigdor’s Helping Hand

As we stand hours away from Yom Kippur Yom Hadin (at least in Melbourne Australia). I stand humbled being in the presence of such giants such as yourselves.

We have never met and perhaps will never meet. Our common bond however is stronger than humanely imaginable. That is because we are all ‘bonim l’Mokom” – der Aibishter’s kinder. This truth was so clearly demonstrated when I reached out to your org. Not just in the monetary help that you extended, rather in the manner that you did so. I felt I was asking mishpocho (indeed I was) for help. It was as if i was doing you a favour to allow you to help.

‘Mi koamch yisroel..”

If I may be brazen enough I beg the Ribono Shel Olom ‘besserer kinder iz nisht do’. The people of Avigdor’s Helping Hand epitomize everything that is beautiful and sacred about klal Yisroel. May Hashem bestow ‘shefa brocho’ on them their mishpocho and klal yisroel.

With a broken heart I turned to you in a time that should have been filled only with simcha. You helped mend that heart somewhat. For that I and my mishpocho and I am sure my Rebbetzin ______ a’H will be forever indebted to you

birchas kol tuv selah

Rabbi ______ ________
p.s. the chasunah was amazing it was very lebedik and ‘varem’

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In the Press: hamodia – Sep. 10, 2014

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In the Press: Yated Ne’eman – Sep. 12, 2014

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Avigdor’s Helping Hand Ninth Annual Labor Day Barbeque

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Ninth Annual Labor Day BBQ

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Ninth Annual Labor Day BBQ


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Letters of Appreciation – Av 5774

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Hello Eli,

I hope this mail finds you well and rested.
I received a very wonderful voice mail on the day of our beautiful wedding.
and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU and YISHAR KOACH for this great help!!!
I wanted to say thank you also to the person who send me this wonderful news, I think his name is Yisrael, but I dont have a number for him. Please convey it to him from me.
you should be zoche to make many more chassanim and kallas as happy as you made ours.
Thank you again and a gut Shabbos to you and yours.

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