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Letters of Appreciation – Kislev 5774

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Dear AHH,

Harbe Shluchim Lamokom,

Thank you for being an extension of the Ribono Shel Olam’s Hand,

Helping us to help our ______ in establishing her bayis ne’eman.

May you be matzliach in your avodas Hakodesh,

May the Avi Hayesomim repay your chasodim with nachas, brochos, gesunt, and hatzlocho,

May it be a tremendous zchus for the heilige neshama of Avigdor z”l,

And May we be zoche to Mashiach Tzidkeinu, with yesomim no more.

With Hakoras Hatoiv,

The E__________

Dear Avigdor’s Helping Hands committee,
My kallah and I would like to thank you so much for making our wedding possible. My Mom keeps telling us her dignified you all make her feel. Thank you for that. She is some special Mom. As you know my Dad passed away suddenly two years ago. Left us with major financial burdens. May we be able to continue to share in many more smachot together in the future.
Have a Happy Chanukah,
________ & ________ ______________

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In the News: Hamodia – 9/11/13

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In the News: Five Towns Jewish Times – August, 30 2013

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5TJT 083013–

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Letters of Appreciation – Cheshvan 5774

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L’chovod R’ Eli n”y,

I have just heard the wonderful besurah that our application has been approved and that will be receiving a check shortly. I wanted to thank you, as well as the entire staff that are responsible for making this possible.

In the course of our working together I have spent some time on your organizations web site. I was deeply moved by the letters and testimonials to the help that you, the staff and organization have been able to provide for people to enjoy what should be their greatest time of simcha.

Personally, I am an only child who’s father was niftar when I was fifteen years old, and had a financial situation that was far from ideal. I can well relate to the issues that must be dealt with, and the affect that they can have on family members, and what it can do a choson under such pressure at such a time.

Technically speaking, as I work in technology and the deployment of internal and customer facing websites, your website is very appealing and intuitive – flowing from one topic to the next. It conveys your mission, methods and accomplishments in a very eye-catching and pleasing manner. In particular, I like the scrolling “banner” at the top of the homepage.

May the work that you and the rest of the organization do be a continued source of zechusim and merit to the neshoma of yechiel avrohom avigdor z”l ben r’ eliyahu n”y.

Thank you,

Tizku Lmitzvos – Kol Tuv,



Thank you for everything.

HAshem should send hatzlacha in everything you do and shefa shel parnassa. You shoud always being on the giving end.

Wishing you a shabbat shalom and only besorot tovot!
S_________ _____________

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Letters of Appreciation – Tishrei 5774

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Dear Reb Eli,

I hope you and your family had an enjoyable and uplifting Yom Tov.
On one hand, my Yom Tov was very nice as all of my kids were here, but at the same time, it was an emotional roller coaster as you can imagine.

Now that things are settling down a bit, I want to be in touch to tell you how appreciative I am for the check you sent me. Since my wife passed away on Tisha B’Av, my 11 children and I have been facing many emotional difficulties and challenging situations. In the number of weeks following the funeral there were so many various expenses. Loosing a spouse and mother whose income also helped pay the bills was overwhelming. Your organization, Avigdor’s Helping Hand, significantly eased this difficult period for our family by lessening the financial burden. A few thousand dollars made a very significant difference to our large family at that time, and we are thankful.

Hashem should reward all of the volunteers/staff at Avigdor’s Helping Hand.



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