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In the Press: Queens Jewish Link

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Letters of Appreciation – Sivan 5775

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BS”D Dear Avidgdor’s Helping Hand Committee, I am still on such a high when I think about the incredible simcha that we experienced just a few months ago. My son’s wedding was everything I could have hoped for BH! Unfortunately my husband was niftar 3 years ago after a long illness. I did the best that I could to keep everything going smoothly for my family and to shoulder the responsibility for all of my family’s needs alone. BH I was just barely making it from month to month with a little help and a lot of prayers and all was basically going well. BH a few months ago my son met his wonderful life partner and they got engaged. Until this time I hadn’t even stopped to think about the fact that I had absolutely nothing put aside to help me get through this next parsha of my family life. All of a sudden this wonderfully happy time in our lives turned into the most stressful time of my life. I was consumed by worry about how I would come up with the needed funds to cover my share of the wedding costs. I had always heard about Avigdor’s Helping Hand and in fact we even helped collect money for the organization for various fund-raisers. I would never have imagined that I would have to turn to them to ask for help with my child’s wedding. The entire process was amazingly discreet and considerate. I received and completed the paperwork and it was just a matter of days before I heard from the committee that our application was accepted. Amazingly the check was mailed out the very next day. My huge burden of stress was quickly lifted allowing me to enjoy the simcha with a much higher level of joy! Thank you so much for your incredible kindness and for lifting the burden and allowing me to truly be bsimcha at my son’s wedding. May this incredible chessed bring an aliyah for Avigdor’s neshama. And may HKBH continue to shower you all with simcha and nachas ad bli day Warmly, A Very Grateful Mother Mr. Glaser, Sruly informed me the great news: that ____________ would be receiving $5000 from AHH. This is truly remarkable and will be so useful at such a critical time in his life. The main issue surrounding the wedding has been the expenses. Where is the money going to come from that will pay the necessary bills? Even as the wedding nears (this upcoming Tuesday) the money is still not all immediately available… adding more concern and stress. But now the answer is here: AHH and its donors have provided the funds. Sruly added that the check for ____________ will most likely be in the mail by the end of this week. And that’s really great. Whenever the funds are received – they will be a big support… Dear Rabbi Glaser, Please excuse my delay in writing this e-mail, we have B”H been busy with all of the wedding preparations. My daughter and I would like to thank you and the entire Avigdor’s Helping Hand organization so very much for your amazing generosity and kindness in making this wedding possible in an honorable way. I have NO idea how I could have made the wedding otherwise. Hashem should bless you and everyone involved with everything you may need, both physically and spiritually. Good news always! Sincerely, __________...

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Letters of Appreciation – Iyar 5775

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Dear all the HELPING HANDS, Thank you so much for your generous check. This was such a help in making _______’s chasunah a true simcha. May Hashem bless you and all the people who helped. May all K’lal Yisroel share in many simchos. _______ and _______ _______ Dear Avigdor’s Helping Hand, I want to thank everyone so very much for taking the time to review my application regarding my daughter, _______’s, chassanah. Last week I received the check for $5000 which will go towards her chassanah. This “gift” brings me great relief. When my daughter got engaged I began to worry every day about how was I ever going to pay for her chassanah. I had applied for my son’s chassanah two and half years ago to Avigdor’s Helping Hand and received assistance but, I knew there was no guarantee this time that I would receive assistance again. Baruch HaShem, thank you so very much!! The chassanah is next Tuesday, May ___, and because of Avigdor’s Helping Hand I am not stressed anymore over where the money is coming from. Sincerely yours, _______...

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Letters of Appreciation – Nisan 5775

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From Rabbi Horowitz, Rosh Yeshiva at Bobov To All the Volunteers of AHH: Boruch Hashem,you made my day, I know you don’t like when I say it BUT thank a billion. Hashem should bench your WHOLE staff that do such wonderful chesed . You should ALL be Zocheh to a kosher and freilacha yom tov and mashiach should come in our days.   To All the Volunteers of Avigdors Helping Hand: I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and those at your organization for your generosity. Wishing you and your family a chag kosher vsomeach much bracha and hatzlocha R.S. L’chvod Mr.Gunsburg and the committee of Avigdors Helping Hand: On Sunday was the chasanah of ______ ______ and his challah in Monsey. The chassanah was very special as everyone felt the special moment and setting. I want to thank you for being such a part of the chasanah and for extending the “helping hand” to make it happen. May Hashem give you the ability to continue helping in such a beautiful manner and may you be blessed with all of Hashems Brochos both b’gashmei and ruchani. Have a chag kosher v’sameach Rabbi Dovid...

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Letters of Appreciation – Adar 5775

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